Mudslingers OHV Club

Youth ATV Hands-on Safety Training Class is set for May 19, 2018 at 10:00am at Pinehurst Resort, 27345 Co Rd 4, Naytahwaush, MN. For information or to get signed up contact Steve Ueland at 701-261-2604.

ATV Safety Training

ATV Safety Training Requirements

Anyone born after July 1, 1987, and who is 16 years or older are required to complete online MN ATV Safety online class before operating an ATV on public lands, frozen waters, public road rights-of-way, or state or grant-in-aid trails.

Students age 6 through 15 must complete the MN ATV Safety online class before signing up for a Hands On ATV class. The certification is required for all ATV operators age 12 and older who were born after July 1, 1987.

First, complete the MN ATV Rider's Safety Class online:

go to:, click on Tab: Education & Safety, Click on: Recreational Vehicle Safety Classes, and click on ATV Safety. There is a fee for this online class.

Second, attend a Hands-On ATV Safety Class:

Students ages 6-15 must register for a Hands-On ATV Safety Training Class.

Students can print their ATV Safety Certificate at the DNR website after passing both the online and Hands-On class. DNR fee is $10.00.

Alternate ATV Safety training

Proof of completion of the ATV Rider Course offered by the All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute is adequate to meet the safety certificate requirements.  The fee for the course is $55.00.  Go to link found under the above listed DNR site.

Age Requirements

* ATV safety training is available to anyone 6 or older. (Though Organization putting on class can set age limit)

*10 and 11 year olds may operate 90cc or less on public lands and frozen waters with a parent or guardian, may operate an ATV up to 110cc with a straddle-style seating on public lands or frozen waters if accompanied by parent or legal guardian and may operate at ATV up to 170cc with side-by-side style seating and equipped with steering wheel  on public lands or frozen waters in accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

*12 to 15 year olds may operate an ATV on public lands and frozen water and make direct crossing of roadways with a valid safety certificate if accompanied by a person 18 or over who has a valid driver's license.