Mudslingers OHV Club

                                                                                    Mudslingers OHV Club Mission Statement

The Mudslingers OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Club was formed with the intentions of promoting family friendly outdoor activity.  OHV safety training, trail preservation and expansion, and preservation of natural resources.  Our mission is to provide the community with an organization with the ability to assist the general public in receiving OHV safety training.  Individuals within the club will provide the surrounding communities with knowledge of OHV laws, effects of OHV on natural resources and proper operations of OHV to prevent negative effects to resources. The club will work with the public and private landowners to create additional OHV friendly trails and perform maintenance on area trails.  The Mudslingers take an active role in community involvement, education, safety, and environmental awareness.

Upcoming Events:

Friday May 27-Mon May 30: Camping and wheeling weekend at Mudslingers Campground.

Thursday June 9, 2022‚Äč  Club meeting at 7pm at Roadside Bar & Grill, Borup.

Sunday June 19, 2022  Gary Days Scavenger Hunt from 2-5pm at Gary Pines.